Sumvelo: Pias production note 3

Another sneek preview of the PIAS Frame and a few quotes from sumvelo.

" You might have heard the rumour, that the prototypes have landed in Jakarta. Straight to the workshop (thanks Rocket Company). We’ve assigned each prototypes to 4 riders, and they’re going to ride and review them for a while.

  1. Prototype 55A. Straight tube, c-c 55cm, GoodGrey color. Tester Agus.
  2. Prototype 53A. Straight tube, c-c 53cm, ChromeGrey color. Tester Ochiew.
  3. Prototype 55B. Slight pursuit, c-c 55cm, DirtyGold color. Tester Ippe.
  4. Prototype 53B. Slight pursuit, c-c 53cm, NJSGoldSparkledBlack. Tester Andira.
Tomorrow they will have their first appearance at the FixedFilmFestival 2011 at Rolling Stone Live Venue, Kemang. 


*picture taken by rocket company.

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